Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brushing Our Teeth

Proof that we do have some good hygiene practices! This was actually before church, so teeth brushing is obviously necessary - we've got to keep up appearances! Just kidding .... Lily was the funniest. She has a Thomas the Train toothbrush like Liam so it sings that annoying Thomas the Train song. She and Liam will turn their toothbrushes on and then Lily tries to dance and brush her teeth. Of course, being the awesome mom that I am, I allow her to dance around with a toothbrush in her mouth because it's hilarious! It's ok that she chokes - as long as we get a good laugh - right?


Anonymous said...

Holy crap...she IS alive. I thought maybe you were dead...because you stopped blogging...I am relieved. Anyways, what the heck. First of all...I don't know how they do things in your ward...but we wear clothes to least you had the decency to dress your wonder if the SP knows about these strange practices. lol.

Johnson said...

Totally cute family. I remember you and purple. I like your background. We, moms, have to make everything a party with our kids, it makes 'our jobs' so much more fun, right? Even brushing our teeth. come visit some time - I guess that is how you say it in the blog world -
jen johnson

Breena said...

Hey nancypants (said in mother theresa's primary voice)

So we're back in town and Peej and I have been talking about doing lunch and pedicures one of these saturdays. Are you game?

Jamie said...

Hey Nancy!
I found your blog. Check ours out, We seriously need to get together and quit just talking about it. Cut blog and kiddos, by the way!!!
PS - Love the NIel Diamond music, he is coming in October!

Parker Family said...

Found your blog from Michelle blog. I am glad to see that your kids brush their teeth. Gavin always runs around with a toothbrush if only we could be so lucky. jk I was just going to blog our super fun camping trip.

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