Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Ice Cream Man is a Child of God, too!

So yesterday evening, as I was making dinner and while the boys were playing in the backyard, we heard the ice cream truck. The boys, not knowing where the luring music was coming from, came running into the house shouting to me about the mysterious music. I explained that it was an ice cream truck. I then had to explain about "the good ol' days" when ice cream trucks ran rampant through the neighborhoods, selling their goods to hundreds of children at a time. I told them about the wonderful treasures the ice cream men had to sell: bomb pops, parachute men, ice cream animals with gumball eyes, candy cigarettes, etc. Well, Lex and Liam, upon hearing of these wonders, had to get a look at this ice cream truck. I will admit that I was excited too. So, we went out front and waited. We heard the music but never saw the truck. I ... I mean ... the boys started getting impatient so we jumped in the burban and hunted the guy down. We found him just down the road but we still drove like it was 1985! He was stopped, waiting while the mom of 2 little boys already there yelled at those 2 little boys. We jumped out of the burban, took advantage of the short distraction and ran to his window. With anticipation and hope in our eyes, I asked what my boys could buy for a dollar. He pointed to 3 popsicles. 3. No ice cream animals with gumball eyes or parachute men or anything! I swallowed my disappointment, and the boys picked out a popsicle. They seemed to have enjoyed the event, but I couldn't really be sure. Not until Family Home Evening.

So this month in FHE we've been discussing how we are all children of God and how much He loves us individually. I asked, "Is Liam a child of God?" Lex and Liam said, "Yes." I asked, "Is Dad a child of God?" "Yes." "Is the mailman a child of God?" "Yes." So then Lex says, in an awed voice, "The Ice Cream Man is a child of God because he brings glory!"

Now I know. The ice cream truck may not have the amazing treasures it once had, but it stills "brings glory" to my boys!

P.S. Safety First! Always watch out for Chester the Molester!


Breena said...

I'm dying laughing right now. The ice cream man does bring the glory...and the cellulite.

Remember when mother theresa busted us for the candy cigarettes. Funny that all of my ice cream truck memories are with you.

Breena said...
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Parker Family said...

Wow I thought you said you didn't blog that much. I love the story!

SANFORD said...

Hey Nancy,
Cute story!!!

mookie mama said...

your family is adorable, nancy and cort. so glad breena directed you to facebook so i could find you again! let's playdate! my baby is only two, but she loves to play with big boys and dress up their baby sisters.

Anonymous said...

LOL...love it...and love your spooky new blog. Uhm....I told my kids the ice cream man kidnaps little kids..lol...because I have horrible memories of the ice cream truck from my childhood. In fact...the music from the truck sends chills up my spine. The ice cream man has always belonged in a horror film in my world...lol. Glad your boys think he's a child of God....mine think he's Satan.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy! I noticed your son plays with AZ Soccer Club. So do our daughters! E-mail me and let me know what field you guys play at. Blare and I will have to hunt you down one Saturday! Also, would you be willing/able to teach our girls to play the piano. Blare is insisting that you are the only one to teach them due to Rachel and Chris' amazing skills :)
-Courtney (Blare Parker's wife)

Jamie said...

Ha, ha! You are too freakin' funny! I love it! Hope you are doing good. Lets get together soon!!!

Jennie said...

I am glad to hear that your kids are picking up on your lessons and that the ice cream man is included in that circle. Your kids seem to always say the funniest things!

I love visiting your blog cuz I get to listen to "LOST." Love it!

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