Monday, April 13, 2009

Christmas Stuff

So, here we are at the mall going to see Santa. Lex had the camera again. That boy is a genius, if I say so myself! If you will notice, there isn't an actual picture with Santa. That's because it is an enormous conspiracy to buy their dumb $30 picture package! LAME!!!!!

I'm sure you are wondering, "Who is that adorable little girl?" Well, we don't know either, but Lex took many, many pictures of her. She didn't look like she minded very much either.

Here is the Christmas train! This is Liam's most favorite part of Christmas.

Who needs the mall Santa when you have the Meacham's Annual Christmas Party! The real Santa goes there anyway and even gives presents and we can take all the pictures we want! I hope you're reading this Mall Santa!

So, here I am at the end of my Christmas blog without actual pictures of Christmas. I am pretty sure we took some, but apparently they have forever sunk into that eternal dark pit of computer crap. That's very unfortunate.

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TrishAnderson said...

I love that Liam takes all of the pictures. Maybe if I entrusted my camera with Alexis more would get taken. Ah, thought that through, nope, not going to happen. You are braver than I.

PS I like Liam's little crush, she is cute, no wonder he wanted to take her picture.

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