Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Middle Name Is Emergency Room ....

So, Dad got to come home on Good Friday and spend it and Saturday with us. It was a very beautiful day (a little windy) so we decided to grab some KFC - the normal picnic fare - and go to Freestone Park. We finished lunch, played on the toys, and then decided to go ride the train. On the way to the train, the boys, that includes Dad, needed to have a race up one of the hills. At some point in the race feet got stepped on and tripped over, and there was an enormous wreck of bodies. Poor Liam got smashed somewhere in it all. He sat down on the curb and whimpered that his arm hurt. We knew it was bad when he didn't want to ride the train. We took him to urgent care, and they told us that it wasn't broken but severely dislocated, and they couldn't do anything about it. They told us we would need to go to the ER instead. So, here is Liam in the ER. It turned out to only be a sprain - thank heaven for that!

Naughty Daddy! Don't you know it's illegal to blow up the latex gloves?! Seriously though, after a $75 co-pay and $750 deductible, I think a dumb blown up latex glove is ok!

It makes me sad to see a little body in a big hospital bed! I'm so grateful it was only sprained!


SANFORD said...

Poor little guy, how sad! I hope he is feeling better.

Parker Family said...

I am glad that he is ok. Sad about the train ride.

Jess said...

$750??? That is such a bummer. Ours is $250...we found that out when Jared broke his nose and they couldn't do anything for him.

TrishAnderson said...

Somehow I missed this post over the last couple of weeks. I am so sad to hear that Liam had an accident. I am glad that it was only a sprain and hope he is doing much better now!!!

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~Lucious Annaeus Seneca

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