Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1st lost tooth! May 6, 2008

Oh yeah! It was gross. It all happened within a few short hours. Lex was trying to eat an apple and told me that his tooth hurt. When I looked at it I discovered it was loose. It wasn't even that loose! It was the chicken noodle soup for lunch that did it. Don't ask me what in the soup did it, but it was gone. There was a lot of blood. Lex was trying to be excited because that's how I was acting, but I don't think he was convinced that losing a tooth was that cool. Anyways, the Tooth Fairy brought him $1 - which I thought was quite a bit. I don't even have $1! So we went to Target and he bought a ring pop for 50 cents all by himself. He thought he was pretty big. I wonder what happened to the other 50 cents? His other tooth is growing in already, and it's coming in sideways. The Tooth Fairy is going to need to start bringing more money so we can pay for braces!
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Jennie said...

Oh my heck Bryce didn't loose a tooth till 1st grade! That's crazy! The tooth fairy brings us one dollar too...I wish it was a billion though! :) Braces-ugh.

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~Lucious Annaeus Seneca

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